Paintball – An Outlet

Growing up on the West Coast of Canada, one is often overwhelmed with the amount of items to participate in, things to do and sites to see. For that very reason, I am forever fortunate to have found the sport of Paintball. Paintball to me is like Hockey to Wayne Gretzky, an addiction, passion and obsession all rolled into one. As a young 12 year old, I went paintballing for the first time. After firing the marker and seeing the paintball launch towards my target, hitting them with a splat, marking them with bright yellow paint, I was hooked. I worked during the week just to cover my weekend expenses. Whether woodsball, speedball or big games the paintball family is extensive spanning across the world. We are united.cody pb

VPL Div 4 – Photo by Ken Cheng

This is Paintball – Hodge

This video shows what this blog is about, introducing the masses to Paintball and what Paintball really is.






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